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Who We Are

Active Frequency is a custom software development shop. We've been in business for 12 years, and the company is profitable. We're currently four full-time developers and a UX/UI designer.

We work with a diverse roster of interesting clients, across different industries (from healthcare to rock'n'roll!) Some projects last weeks, some years. We help our clients deliver great experiences, start or grow their businesses, and generally kick ass.

Technology-wise, we use Python (Django specifically) on the backend, and Vue.js on the frontend, along with the usual assortment of modern deployment scenarios (typically Heroku or AWS). However, we recognize that we live in an ever-changing world and we're not dead-set on particular buzzwords.

Who We're Looking For


You'll be responsible for architecting, building, and supporting web projects for our awesome clients, which include startups, institutions, and small businesses looking to improve the world with software. You won't be entirely on your own, and will have support when you need it, but will have substantial project ownership.


You'll be responsible for UX, UI and some frontend execution for our client projects. In short, you'll be the primary design owner for our projects.

The ideal candidate should have good visual design chops and some solid experience with front-end development. We are not looking for a JavaScript guru, but rather someone capable of writing HTML, (S)CSS, and basic supporting JS to create interactive mockups. They should also possess strong customer communication skills as they will interact directly with our clients and be the design lead directly responsible for shaping the UI, UX, and design execution.


We are remote-friendly (though US-only), and this is a standard W2 position with competitive compensation and benefits such as 100% company-paid health and disability insurance, paid time off (3 weeks plus holidays - and of course sick time doesn't count against that), retirement plan with company matching. No travel is required, though (theoretically, post-pandemic) we'll do occasional team get-togethers/retreats as conditions permit.

"Competitive compensation" is vague, and we want to be fair and transparent with our future teammates. To that end, the compensation bands for these positions are 65-80K for junior-level folks (less than 2 years relevant professional experience), 80-100K for mid-level, and 100-130K for senior-level. The distinction between mid-level and senior is more nuanced than just "years of experience", and should be part of our conversation.

We value diversity of experience, and would especially appreciate candidates from non-traditional or otherwise under-represented backgrounds in the technology industry to apply.

What Makes This A Good Fit

Good diversity of interesting projects across different industries - healthcare, education, entertainment, payroll, safety & compliance. You'll have the opportunity to learn about a lot of different parts of the world.

Great clients, many with long-term relationships.

Substantial input into project selection. One of the benefits of being small is that we can be picky about what we take on and can aggressively go after projects in a particular area of interest.

A small group of delightful colleagues, with no office politics.

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